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Beijing Wewod Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Wewod) has rich experience in the design and implementation of interactive entertainment and in the design and development of games of next generation. Besides, we are capable of developing high-quality VR games. Wewod has long been offering service to top international game companies, such as Disney, Premium Bandai, Capcom, Nintendo, Taito, and Easports. Hack• for the Future, a 3D movie that involves our whole-process production is Japan’s first 3D movie that is shown in cinema. Moreover, Street Fighter 5, Killer Is Dead and other classic games had been a big success.

VR game Space-time Hero is a shooting game for the next generation launched by Wewod that is characterized by high quality, high reality and first person. It is divided into 48 sections, namely protect the big pepper, zombie hunter, fishing talent, Ninja assassin and so on. With our independently developed topplat vivid platform, the game can simulate direct experience such as lift, descend, weight loss and explosion and make the game scene as realistic as possible.

Presently Space-time Hero VR has entered the flagship stores of Joypolis, Fount and HTC, Vanda Mall, Tiger Beach Ocean Park, Leyu and other places of recreation nationwide. Now it has become a brand representative of high-end VR games.